Gaming Solutions


Gamers expect fast development cycles, no-lag game play, and a flawless overall user experience. Game developers and publishers need infrastructure with performance, scalability, and high availability.
Our Solutions offer unique advantages for gaming companies looking for high performance, fast scalability, and better overall control of their environments.



  • Crash like Hangs, Freeze, Spontaneous reboot


  • Graphic Priority
  • Texture
  • Perspective and Placement
  • Animations


  • Error message/Debug output,
  • A mode of play or game


  • The gameplay mechanics are working properly.


  • Intersections – The objects in the game will intersect each other or do not intersect appropriately.
  • Barriers – Barriers exist in inappropriate places or will not exist where they should

Exceptional Network Performance

To keep gamers happy and on a level playing field, make sure lag isn’t an issue in your game. With our global network of data centers and network points of presence, get your content closer to end users as fast as possible. Our unique network architecture integrates our public, private, and out-of-band management networks. Our public network features more than 2,000Gbps of bandwidth, and offers unmetered inbound traffic, ensuring fast game play for all users. Our proprietary private network connects your geographically dispersed servers to each other securely with low latency. And when you need to access your server directly, connect to it securely across its free out-of-band IPMI connections.

Total Flexibility & Control

Create development and production environments without compromising. You have complete freedom to choose the technology that best fits your needs. Deploy a bare metal server, and if your needs change, use our Flex Images technology to clone an image of it onto virtual servers. Control it all via our robust API, Command Line Interface, easy-to-use Web portal, or mobile apps for iOS, Android, or Windows Phone.


The game will play sound properly.

  • Timing – A sound may play when expected or will play at an appropriate time.
  • Multiple sounds – The game may be able to play multiple sounds at the same time.
  • Pops – The sound effects or music may contain “pops” or other perfections.
  • Volume – The game may play music or sound effects at appropriate levels or may play them at all.


The in-game camera does work optimally.

  • Angles – The player character may be obscured by another object or seen at an awkward angle.
  • Outside the Game World – The user may be able to see areas that they should or be able to see outside the game world.
  • Game clues – The game may be able to give game clues as intended.
  • Clipping – The camera may allow the user to view objects from the inside (clip through). The camera may be able to be panned through a wall.



The game may display correct text.

  • Spelling/Region – Text may be spelled or correct for the region.
  • Grammar – Text may follow proper grammar rules.
  • Punctuation – The game’s text may display correct or without missing punctuation marks.
  • Overruns – Text maynot overrun the designated area or “text box” particularly when displaying player names.



The game may meet the console manufacturer’s standards.

  • Licensor standards – The companies that license our games (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft, etc.) for their systems require that our products adhere to strict guidelines that control the look and feel of the games and their functionality and usability.
  • Standards – sets forth guidelines that its products must adhere to, such as legal information (copyright and trademarks symbols, licensed names and products, etc.), licensing information and warranty and customer service contact information.