Test Solutions

Consumer Solutions

  • Corrective Action Process.
  • Translate Customer reported issues into Business Test cases

Accessories testing

  • Bluetooth Headset
  • Wired Accessories
  • Car Kit
Performance Testing

  • Touch Response time
  • Frame Per Second
Website testing

  • TOP Websites

Indic Language Testing

  • Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Sindhi, Punjabi, Oriya, Assamese, Kashmiri and Urdu

Firmware over the Air Testing

  • Software Update
  • OS Update

Content testing

  • Store Content for Windows
  • Play Store for Android
  • ITunes for IOS
  • Third Party store Compatibility
Battery Life Time Testing

  • Heat Issue
  • Drain Issue

Modem Testing

  • Network Handover, Call Drops,
  • RF Calibration
Location Testing

  • Here Drive
  • Here Maps
  • Google Maps
Connectivity Testing

  • Bluetooth
  • Wi-Fi
  • Near Field Communication
Audio Testing

  • Audio Distortion /Clarity
  • Decibel
Media Testing

  • Camera tuning
  • Image Quality Testing
Automation testing:

  • Long Term Testing
  • Stability Testing
  • Mean Time Between Failure Testing
  • Basic Functional Testing
  • Advance Feature Interaction Testing
Consumer Experience Analysis

  • Getting the consumer experience during the product development phase

  • Key Selling Points and Key Focus Area
  • User Scenarios, Complaints and Feedback from the customers

  • Give life to Repaired Phone by Reuse the dead phone components like Display, Chip, Battery, USB Port and charger Port
Training to Care & Solutions

  • Hands on Training for Service Engineer ,Debug and fix the customer issues